"Thanks everyone for your support and votes.  The ACP MYERS/RENSEL ticket received 6,987 votes or 2.5%!  That's a great measure of our statewide base of support.  Congratulations to the Walker/Mallott team on your victory.  Thank you Governor Parnell for your service to Alaska. Thank you Care Clift, Libertarian nominee, for your active and collegial campaign." - J.R.Myers





Dear Alaska Representatives,


I write with a certain sense of urgency, as the clock ticks on and Alaska plunges millions of dollars every day further into deficit spending.  This must stop now! Governor Walker and many others, including myself, campaigned on the absolute need to forge a sustainable budget for the future economic and social well being of our people.  This is not happening.  I call you all to remembrance of those promises made on the campaign trail.  


Now is the time we must embrace responsible governance via sound fiscal management.  This requires a budget goal of NO MORE THAN $4.5 Billion by 2017.  Otherwise, we will see a confiscation of personal wealth on a scale never before experienced in Alaska.  We will be forced to enact statewide sales and income taxes, and likely see the PFD funds raided and eliminated.  All that while experiencing shrinkage of government services anyway.  That is unacceptable.  We have been promised too much for too long.  We have accepted too many false economic projections.  We have become enchanted by unrealistic selfish visions.  We must wake up now!  


You are about to sentence the People of Alaska to a bleak economic future under the current continuation of wreckless deficit spending.  We know there remains much Waste, Fraud and Abuse at all levels.  What we lack is the will to look beyond immediate advantage and  personal gain towards a wiser long term Sustainable approach. This is likely our last chance to enact a Sustainable Budget for Alaska's future.    


Don't continue to walk down the Hall of Shame!  When casting your votes, act as statesmen, not as politicians.  Please carefully consider your responsibility to our future.  Enact a truly Sustainable Budget for Alaska at this critical time in our history. Do the right thing for Alaska now!  All eyes are upon you and Governor Walker.


Peace & Blessings, 
J.R. Myers, Chairman
Alaska Constitution Party


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