"We the people of Alaska, grateful to God and to those who founded our nation and pioneered this great land, in order to secure and transmit to succeeding generations our heritage

of political, civil, and religious liberty within the Union of States, do ordain and establish this constitution for the State of Alaska."  Alaska Constitution Preamble


ALASKA CONSTITUTION PLEDGE:  http://wethepeoplealaska.org/alaska-gubernatorial-race/


TAXPAYER PROTECTION PLEDGE (I have signed this but am not yet listed on their website):  http://www.atr.org/pledge-database





SEPTEMBER 28, 2014



The Alaska Constitution Party (ACP) successfully completed its first annual party convention this weekend in Anchorage.   The party now boasts several new members who attended meetings on Saturday including former Alaska Republican Party chairman Russ Millette.


“We had a few guests on Saturday who dropped in to watch us conduct business, unsure whether they wanted to become members. I think they liked seeing the process and liked what they heard,” said ACP Vice Chairman Maria Rensel. As members deliberated over changes to the proposed platform and bylaws a number of spectators decided to change their party affiliation and become part of what will surely become an historical event in Alaska politics.


Some of the most notable changes in the platform include adopting the national party principles and platform, not participating in publicly funded primary elections, supporting the establishment of the office of Sheriff elected by the people and requiring party officers and candidates to pledge an Oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. “This platform represents four years of hard work that will provide a sure foundation upon which to continue to build the ACP," said Chairman J.R.Myers.


Oathkeepers National Advisory Board Member, Justin Giles spoke to the audience about posting billboards outside of military bases to remind soldiers to honor their Oaths. He told attendees that Oathkeepers is not affiliated with any political party and does not endorse candidates. Though supportive of many associations including Constitutional citizen militias they are allied but separate organizations. Giles says he and Oathkeepers’ founder Stewart Rhodes are working closely to re-write the first order that Oathkeepers have a duty to refuse.


“Item number one will be—‘We will not set up and enforce any Free Speech Zones’, the First Amendment has got to be first”, said Giles. “They actually set up one of these at the Bundy Ranch.  When people violated [it] they brought out attack dogs and snipers. The fourth amendment is dead; it’s gone; because good men did nothing.  As Constitution Party members when you are elected if you hear of a ‘Free Speech Zone’ at any time for any reason…if you aren’t willing to tear down those fences with your hands, this nation is gone.”


The Convention re-elected J.R. Myers as Chairman and Maria Rensel as Vice-Chairman and also elected Alyssa Ann Eck as Secretary and Leslie Martin as Treasurer for 2014-15 leadership. The five candidates endorsed by the party were the Myers/ Rensel ticket, Pam Goode for House District 9, James Squyres for the Delta-Greeley School Board and David Luntz for the Deltana Community Corporation. Two additional offices of assistant Secretary and assistant Treasurer were added to the bylaws.  Three National Committee positions were also filled.





In a statement to the press Alaska Constitution Party (ACP) founder and 2014 gubernatorial candidate J.R. Myers commented on the Walker- Mallott merger. “The people of Alaska have just had a huge bait and switch pulled on them.  Ambitious egos have corrupted the Alaska political system in a desperate attempt to get elected.  We have just witnessed a cynical manipulation of our electoral system which in essence has disenfranchised thousands of Alaskans."


For the first time in Alaska’s history, the Constitution Party will have candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor on the November 4 ballot.  In the same year the Democrats won't have candidates in the race.  In an unprecedented move, Alaska Democratic candidates, chosen in a publicly financed primary election just a couple weeks ago, have resigned.


“Switching the candidates after a primary and a signature gathering campaign, does not honor the party members who voted in the primary and does not honor grassroots Alaskans who signed the Walker/Fleener petitions, said Maria Rensel, ACP candidate for Lt. Governor. “They are really taking their supporters for granted.”


The Democrat’s central committee voted 89-2 to endorse what they’re calling the ‘fusion’ or ‘unity’ ticket. In a recent interview Walker, who personally opposes abortion, pledged that under his watch he would not allow new restrictions even if it meant vetoing anti-abortion legislation. In order to be endorsed by the Democrats, Walker dropped his Republican registration to become Undeclared.


The sanctity of human life is the primary motivating force behind the creation of the Alaska Constitution Party. This paramount issue is addressed by the Constitution party in Alaska as well as in every other state and is a guiding principle in the Declaration of Independence.  


“Our unalienable Right to Life was given to us by our Creator, God who made us. It is unacceptable that any of us should sweep this under the rug for political allegiance or political gain. We must not allow governments to deprive any one of us of his natural right to life or we all relinquish this right” Rensel said. “All other rights are meaningless without the right to life.” 



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 08/19/14 from the Alaska Constitution Party.


“Alaska Constitution Party files petitions for Governor, Lt. Gov. and Alaska House District #9 candidates.”


Contact: J.R.Myers 766-2859 or jr@jr4gov.com



Three Alaska Constitution Party candidates have filed their signature petitions with the Alaska Division of Elections today. J.R.Myers, ACP candidate for Alaska Governor filed +4,500 signatures and Maria Rensel, ACP candidate for Alaska Lt. Governor filed +4,250. Each candidate needs 3,017 valid signatures to appear on the November 4th ballot line. Additionally, Pam Goode, ACP candidate for Alaska House District #9, has filed her petitions with over 200 signatures. She needs 50 valid signatures. Altogether, the ACP will have three partisan and four non-partisan candidates in Alaska this year.

J.R. & Maria have already been invited to several public and media appearances. They both hope to attend the, “Prayer for our Elected Officials, Meet and Greet and Candidate's Forum,” at the Shiloh Church in Anchorage, Sunday, September 28th. They both anticipate a busy campaign schedule between now and the general election on Tuesday, November 4.

National Constitution Party Chairman Frank Fluckiger said today, “I do expect to see great rewards for our efforts. The party is flourishing in states like Alaska where people are using grass roots efforts. That's where we get our strongest leaders and greatest growth. Alaska is very promising.” Once the MYERS/RENSEL ticket gains more than 3% of the vote in November, the ACP will be upgraded to a full fledged Political Party with certain privileges like those held by the other Parties.


The petitions were turned in today at the Alaska Division of Elections office in Fairbanks, following months of signature gathering across Alaska. They will now be sent to the Alaska Division of Elections office in Juneau for counting and official validation. We anticipate all three ACP candidates to be officially certified for the November ballot within days, providing genuine alternatives to the current leadership in Juneau. Let the campaigns truly begin!   




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10-01-2013:  J.R.Myers files his Letter of Intent with APOC to run for Governor of Alaska in 2014.

J.R.Myers is the founder and Chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party since 2010.  Prior to that he served two years as Vice Chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party.  J.R. has also served on local government boards in both the Kenai Peninsula and Haines Boroughs.  J.R. is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and was recently elected President of the Alaska Counseling Association.

J.R. says, “My campaign will be based on the principles embodied in the Alaska Constitution and its' Preamble.  Accordingly, I will acknowledge our Creator in the public forum, and uphold the social compact of our Constitution which forms the essential foundation of our government.  Alaskans can no longer tolerate the familiar corruption and disregard for the rule of law destroying our government from within and robbing our future generations of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The people of Alaska are looking for a real alternative to business as usual in Juneau.  Alaska needs genuine leaders with a sustainable vision of hope.  I intend to provide them that choice by working together in good faith to Honor Our Heritage and Pioneer Our Future!”

"Countless people have told me they are tired of politics as usual, Alaska and our country are in big trouble.  Now is the time for corrective action, to return to our heritage of hard fought Liberty.  If the majority of the people, who do not belong to any party, awaken, arise and get involved in the process, anything is possible!  If elected, I intend to be the Governor of all Alaskans.  I am approachable, and willing to engage in respectful dialogue.  I invite everyone to consider the ACP when registering to vote, and to vote for me as your Governor come November 2014."  - J.R.Myers for Alaska Governor 2014

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Thanks to the Alaska Constitution Party Executive Committee for their unanimous endorsement on 11/04/13 of my campaign for Alaska Governor in 2014!  - J.R.Myers

Alaska Constitution Party website:  http://www.alaskaconstitutionparty.com/

NEXT ACP District Q Meeting, 12:30 Saturday, October 4th at the Haines Public Library.  Call J.R. for more info at 766-2859.