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  1. The first thing to know about by every person is to know about their personal credit scores. You can avail credit reports and get your own credit scores when you are thinking of buying your own house. Submitting a home loan application to your trusted bank means you need to know about yourself as well. Credit scores can have a huge impact on the mortgage approvals for us. A minimum score of about 680 is desirable by many home mortgage loan providers. Apart from credit scores, what also is taken into consideration is your billing payments, lateness in these payments, missing payments, debts, credit reports, etc. Thus, having a decent credit report is very important.
  2. Having some cash with yourself is really necessary before you want to apply for home mortgage loans. If you are thinking of availing a home loan anytime in near future, then you might need to have a decent cash balance with you. If you do not have any prior savings, your mortgage loan application might get easily rejected. Down payments are essential to mortgages.
  3. The best way to secure a mortgage loan amount from a money lender is to maintain your job. Throughout the process of buying a home and the mortgage payments, you need to have a secured job. Even if you are laid off or you quit the job one day prior to actually availing your loan payment, you could lose out on your mortgage loan facility. Self-employed people and people in low-paying jobs might have troubles in getting a home loan approved.
  4. During the process of applying for your home loans, you might want to consider throwing away your credit cards into a locker. The less you owe to people, the more are your chances to get the approval of a bank for your home mortgage loan. Your debt-income ratios are evaluated before you are approved for a loan, having a higher debt ratio because of the fact that you have a lot to pay through your credit cards can lessen your chances of getting a mortgage loan approved. Major purchases like that of buying a car must also be avoided during this period.
  5. Ensure that you are availing a pre-approved mortgage loan when you plan on buying a home. This is not just relaxing for your mind in the long term, but also relaxing for your pockets. This way you can be satisfied with the purchase you are making, as well as with the property you are getting. Pre- approvals are like setting standards for yourself and you can save a lot of headaches and hard work later on.
  6. Yes, getting a pre-approval is the best thing in this scenario, but you might want to consider your daily expenses, tax returns, lifestyle choices, and other related expenditures and then come to a decision of zeroing on on a home. You cannot let the money lenders tell you, your budget for buying a home. You need to do it yourself, no matter what your pre-approval amount is. You need to be smart while making such a decision.

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