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Neck Adjustment
Neck Adjustment The task of holding the head upright along with repetitive movements takes its toll, and almost everyone experiences neck pain at least once in their lifetime. A chiropractor for neck pain will help diagnose and cure your neck discomfort.

Why is Neck Pain So Common?

Besides carrying your head, your neck has a large amount of range of motion. This range of motion is wonderful when needing to perform different tasks but makes the neck susceptible to injury and daily stress. When a person maintains poor posture, the neck is one of the first locations in the body to feel discomfort. On average, we slump our shoulders forward, hold our head at weird angles, and sink into our lower backs. All these postural issues result in strain on the neck muscles and pain. A common subject in today’s fitness and health communities, desk jobs, increased phone use, and watching TV for long periods in awkward positions, all contribute to the popularity of neck pain.

Types and Symptoms of Neck Pain

Neck pain often signifies associated muscular issues in other regions of the body, such as the shoulders or upper back. The strain of the muscles surrounding the head also leads to an increase in headaches and migraine disorders. Pain is felt when you attempt to move your head up, down, or side-to-side. Often, stiffness and muscle spasms accompany pain with movement. Stress is one of the leading factors of neck pain. When you feel stressed, most people hold tension in their shoulders that, in turn, creates discomfort. Neck pain may develop over time or from an impact-based accident. If you experience an impact-based accident, see your doctor immediately to ensure you have not suffered a spinal cord injury or concussion.

Neck Pain Treatment

Commonly viewed as a minor ailment, neck pain often goes ignored, but neck pain can signify serious issues. In an attempt to ignore neck pain, many use painkillers like ibuprofen to solve their problems.  Although painkillers do alleviate pain, they mask the underlying issue and do not solve your neck pain problem long-term. Chiropractor treatment for neck pain includes an examination of postural issues and specializes in a treatment program specifically for your needs. Spinal adjustments performed to the back and neck relieve pressure on the spine and realign the vertebrae. Depending on your condition, some techniques a chiropractor may use include instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy, flexion-distraction technique, trigger point therapy, instrument-assisted manipulation, and manual joint stretching and resistance techniques. Massage is an effective method to increase blood flow to the area, loosening up the muscles and promoting healthy healing. With help from a chiropractor for neck pain, your range of motion is gradually restored. With neck pain, certain muscles work harder to support the neck. They become tight and weak leading to muscle spasms and additional discomfort. Gentle exercises stretch and strengthen those muscles to provide relief. Learning how to manage stress is another vital component of chiropractic treatment for neck pain. Include daily meditation, yoga, or any other self-reflection practice into your daily life to assist with stress management.
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