Recycling Metals from Medical Implants after Cremation

Metal implants can withstand the harshest conditions, which is why they do not disintegrate during the cremation process. However, since they do not burn to ash, crematoriums must find responsible ways to dispose of the metal that remains after cremation. Cremation metal recycling services offer a much-needed solution through medical metal recycling programs. Why recycle medical metals? Medical metals are scarce, non-renewable resources. To throw these resources away on landfill sites is a huge loss to the medical industry that is already hard-pressed to meet implant demands. Cremation metal recycling is a way to: keep environmentally harmful medical waste out of landfillsredirect valuable medical metals to those who need them mostminimize a crematorium's impact on the environmentdispose of implants in an ethical, responsible, and legal wayincrease your charitable giving through…
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