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Recycling Metals

Metal implants can withstand the harshest conditions, which is why they do not disintegrate during the cremation process.

However, since they do not burn to ash, crematoriums must find responsible ways to dispose of the metal that remains after cremation.

Cremation metal recycling services offer a much-needed solution through medical metal recycling programs.

Why recycle medical metals?

Medical metals are scarce, non-renewable resources. To throw these resources away on landfill sites is a huge loss to the medical industry that is already hard-pressed to meet implant demands.

Cremation metal recycling is a way to:

  • keep environmentally harmful medical waste out of landfills
  • redirect valuable medical metals to those who need them most
  • minimize a crematorium’s impact on the environment
  • dispose of implants in an ethical, responsible, and legal way
  • increase your charitable giving through donation programs
  • repurpose metals at potentially zero-cost to the crematorium

Implant recycling companies divert hundreds of thousands of pounds of reusable metals from landfills and reroute them second-use opportunities. With the proper recycling program, no medical metal is wasted.

Implant recycling services

Implant recycling companies specialize in disposing of medical metals in highly effective, responsible ways. Some companies are even able to do so at no cost to your facility.

Established recycling programs supply clients with all the necessary metal retrieval equipment, the training to use such equipment as well as ongoing maintenance. They also cover the cost of implant collection and shipping.

A second chance

Reputable implant recycling services will first collect the implants and bring them back to their own facility. Here they will assess each implant and categorize them according to their suitability for reuse. They will then sterilize and melt down the implants because they cannot legally be used in their original form.

Instead, the metal goes to implant manufacturers who make new implants that meet strict medical specifications.

Industrial companies will buy melted metals that are not suited for medical use, to make heavy-duty parts for industrial machinery. The end-goal is to make sure that the industry reroutes the maximum amount of metal into medical implants and that none goes to waste at the end of the day.

A service to grieving families

It is a show of respect when a crematorium retrieves all the metal before a family receives their loved one’s ashes. By doing so, the bereaved family will be able to release the ashes without the trauma of finding metal fragments.

The most reputable recyclers will also donate a portion of the implant’s value to a charity chosen by the family. The donation is a way to honor the family’s loved one and their choice to allow the implant’s repurposing.

Readily available

There is no longer any excuse for American facilities to dispose of medical metals in a landfill site. There are lawful and responsible cremation metal recycling programs that can ensure legal, ethical, and responsible reuse at zero cost to you.


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