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It is summer time in the northern half of the world, and specifically the time for insect bites and insect and bug invasions in your private territories. You can always choose the best insect treatments for your York PA residence. But before that, you could also try the following ten home treatments, to not only get rid of the insects but also to reduce the amount of swelling as well as itching because of any insect and bug bites. 

The first five treatments are supposed to be pretty general, while the other five are very specific. 

  1. You will want to remove all kinds of stingers and insect parts from your skin and your body if they have stung you. If you do not do the same, you could be continuing the pumping of the venomous parts of these insects into your body. But you must make sure that you are not squeezing the stinging parts away because this might also give rise to venom and related swelling and pain. You could take help of your credit cards, and remove the stinging part with the help of their corners and edges. If not treated or removed in time, this could also be life-threatening for you. 
  2. You must ensure to clean the insect bitten area thoroughly. You need to take measures to cool the area down by running cold water over it and cleaning it later with paper towels. However, you must keep away from scrubbing and agitating it further. 
  3. A much better and natural way to treat the insect and bug bites is to rinse the bitten area with vinegar, or even a lemon based solution infused with baking soda. Another conventional way to deal with it is to apply antihistamine to that particular area with calamine lotion. Or simply, just take an aspirin with water. 
  4. You could wrap a couple of ice cubes in your kitchen towel and apply it gently over the affected area. 
  5. Another over the counter method is to take an antihistamine in oral form to cure the itching which is severe. 
  6. This is the first specific treatment option for you to deal with bug bites and insect bites. If you have been bitten by fire ants and have been feeling their famous burning sensation, you should know it is because alkaloid compounds are present in the same. Their biting could lead to redness, swelling, and itching. You should massage the affected area with soap and water and should go ahead to apply any of the following things- a meat tenderizer, paste made out of salt, a solution made out of hydrogen peroxide. You could also apply aloe vera gel, vinegar, or simply rub a slice of onion to soothe your skin from all the pain. 
  7. Caterpillar bites can be harmless but can sting a lot. If the caterpillar hair come in contact with your skin, it could lead to harmful effects like itching, swelling, and redness. You would want first to remove the hair if injected,  and for this, you could take help of your hair or an edge of a blade. For soothing your skin from all the itching, you would want to make a paste out of quick line and apply it. Or simply use a paste of baking soda and also apply an ice pack. 
  8. Mosquito bites are one of the easiest to be dealt with, usually. However, if the wrong mosquitoes do bite you, you could incur malaria or dengue, and diseases like these. The local mosquito bites can cause red-pink bumps on your skin, but can also, in very rare cases, could also lead to swelling. A cold tea bag, preferably green tea bag could help you ease the pain and swelling. Along with that, aloe vera gel and honey can do the same thing. 
  9. Bed bug bites are not exactly dangerous, but their symptoms could involve redness, swelling, and itching. Bumps can also cause which are small, flat and raised. However, no matter what you are trying to do to deal with these issues, you should try not to scratch these or you could lead to a spread of infection. You can also wash the area with soap and warm water. 
  10. Spiders are the worst, and this is why they are being saved for the last in this article. These creepy, weird, crawling, pathetic creatures can give you noticeable and painful experiences. The venom from specific spiders like the black widow can even affect your brain and your nervous system. You can catch red spots around your bitten area, and this can be accompanied by pain, cramps, fainting, nauseousness/vomiting, high BP, or a rapid amount of heart rate. All of this can be treated with the help of only and only medical attention. Also, on an immediate basis. 

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