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It is important to look for significant attributes, capabilities and other key elements during the search for a criminal sexual assault lawyer in Kitchener. In the following section we will be listing various skills that are closely associated with competent criminal sexual assault lawyers.

During the consultation meeting with potential criminal sexual assault lawyers it is paramount that you look for the key characteristics that will be discussed below. Is the lawyer confident? Confidence is one of the most important skills a criminal lawyer can have in trial. In order to persuade both the judge and jury it essentially comes down to how confident the lawyer is while presenting the case.

Does the lawyer actively listen to you? Being able to pay close attention to the client as they explain their case will fundamentally be a driving factor in building a strong defense. Indeed, many successful sexual assault cases in Kitchener and nationally are based on truly understanding the client’s situation and finding key details that can be used to defend against the charge.

If the criminal sexual assault lawyer is not actively paying attention to you during the initial meeting, find a new lawyer. Time management and organization is another key aspect for competent criminal lawyers. How can you determine if a lawyer properly manages their time and is highly organized? During the consultation meeting look around the office, are papers scattered all over the place or neatly piled in designated folders and filing cabinets?

Moreover, when you ask to schedule another meeting does the lawyer immediately document the next session in their calendar or not? If a lawyer fails to record future meetings with you this may be a warning sign that your case is not of importance to them. Reputation is also a key aspect. A criminal sexual assault lawyer who possesses an impressive reputation based on previous case success, leadership and people skills will most likely be a viable candidate to represent you in Kitchener.

In order to evaluate a lawyer’s reputation one can search on the internet and examine past reviews or even contact employees at the court house and ask for their input on a specific lawyer’s reputation. Some criminal sexual assault cases are won by a lawyer’s attention to detail where one small (often hidden) but significant element in a case is the make or break factor of a trial outcome.

Therefore, a client should evaluate the level of detail in the questions the lawyer is asking them. For example, if the lawyer only asks general and broad questions surrounding the context of the case this may indicate that the lawyer has other more important cases to focus on thus reducing the success of your trial.

Overall, by searching for these key skills during the consultation meeting with a criminal sexual assault lawyer it will allow you to better gauge the capability of the lawyer. Furthermore, another approach is to explicitly ask what skills are needed for a criminal lawyer to build a successful case, in which your next question can ask for examples on how the lawyer demonstrates those key skills from past case outcomes.

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